These 10 Small Towns Are Perfect for All Retirees

Leander, Texas

Leander, Texas, could be the perfect retirement spot for those who want the coziness of a small but growing town while not located too far from a metropole. According to the Census Bureau data, Leander’s population has grown by 12% over the past year. In 2019, it boasted 62,608. This sort of influx points to a rise in opportunity for many people, meaning you don’t have to worry about life here stagnating.

As hinted at earlier, Austin is close by if you feel the need for a little diversity in your activities, but otherwise, there is plenty to do in Leander. Are you a fan of golf? Why not experience a round or two at the Crystal Falls Golf Club. If you prefer to explore the outdoors then we highly recommend the Texas Hill Country at the Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge.

It’s also a great place for retirees in terms of events, as the city proudly organizes hikes, museum visits, river cruises, and wine tasting, among others, for those aged 55 or older.

For a great retirement destination look no further than the fastest-growing small city in the nation, Leander!

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2 thoughts on “These 10 Small Towns Are Perfect for All Retirees”

  1. A lot of the suggestions are cities that are known not to be very receptive to people of color. It would be nice if your collection would expound upon that and offer suggestions that would keep such factors in mind.

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