15 Places To Retire Where $200,000 Goes A Long Way

Here’s an idea! Why not forget all about rising health care costs and other expenses in the U.S? Why worry about your retirement savings lasting a fraction of your retirement years due to unforeseen circumstances? Why not retire abroad?

Make no mistake, we love our country through and through, but sometimes we have to accept the fact that retiring here is not easy, especially when the latest estimates say that seniors should have $1 million in savings in order for their golden years to be truly comfortable and worry-free.

Did you know there are places across the globe that you could retire with $200,000 and feel rich? Asia, Central, and South America, Europe… you don’t have to stick to one region to make the most out of your money. That’s why we’ve selected a few countries where retiring with $200,000 or less won’t be a problem.

We’ve looked at climate, visa requirements, living costs, modern amenities, and advanced medical care and put together a few ideas oh how to actually retire to those places!

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