7 Tips for Healthier Financial Decisions

3. Curbing spending habits

Most Americans don’t even know how much money they’re spending due to impulse. Since it’s so easy to buy stuff now, often with just a swipe of a card, a few clicks on your mouse or taps on your phone, it’s not surprising that our spending habits are getting worse and worse.

Unless you regularly look at your bank statements it may be difficult to tell how much money you’re ‘wasting’. So the idea is to get rid of this habit slowly but surely.

A good tactic is to institute a hold period. Once you’ve finished setting up your online shopping cart, step away from it for anywhere between 24 and 72 hours. Careful, you might get notifications that are meant to lure you into buying sooner, but for this to work you’re going to have to learn to ignore them.

After the allotted time, you may go back to your basket and rethink your purchase. By then you might notice that you don’t actually need some of the items you’ve picked. You’ve had enough time to think things through, so remove any unnecessary expenses before clicking ‘buy’.

Another good idea would be to remove your card information from a retailer’s website. Making it more difficult for you to purchase anything might give you second thoughts about splurging and you could save quite a bit of cash.

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