12 Smarter Options You Should Try Before Raiding Your Retirement Funds

No one likes to dip into long term savings, but the financial prospects for many families are turning bleaker and bleaker by the day because of the coronavirus pandemic.

To get through the financial crisis, it might be tempting to turn to the largest available piggy bank, which for many people is their 401(k) plan. “Many people found themselves in this current crisis having no job, but some assets locked into a long-term retirement plan,” said Dave Stinnett, principal, head of the strategic retirement consulting group for Vanguard. You could easily do it, no early withdrawal penalties either. But is it really the best thing to do for your future?

If you really want to overcome the financial hardships the pandemic has thrown at you, consider some of these alternatives before you decide to tap into your 401(k) plan earlier than planned.

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