19 Successful Ways to Save Money for Retirement

Get a Side Gig

If your income, budgeting and investing aren’t enough to make it to retirement and feel cosy, it’s time to get a side gig. After all, we live in a side gig economy and there are plenty of things you could do with your spare time. Every little helps, right?

Start by looking around you. Do you have a hobby that you could turn into profit? If not, that’s alright! There are plenty of companies out there that are looking for part-time workers. Alternatively, you could start freelancing in your field. The opportunities are endless!

As a side note, if you do go down this avenue, remember that you’ll be eligible for a self-employment 401(k) plan as well as Simplified Employee Pension plan, which are both tax-deductible! Look for investment firms that could help set you up.

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