10 Reasons Why Most American Seniors Are Addicted to Their Social Security

Financial advisors have said time and time again that soon-to-be retirees should consider their Social Security as merely 40% of their retirement income. That means it’s designed as a supplement and should not be relied upon completely. 

The stark reality is that as much as 44.7% of current retirees rely mostly on their Social Security, meaning that they simply do not have enough savings to cover all of their expenses. Living comfortably through retirement should be a dream come true, but America is facing a serious financial issue which concerns a very vulnerable part of the population. 

In many households, we find that the reason behind this the accumulation of various issues. Oftentimes it’s not just one problem, but several, that hold retirees and their savings back. Here are 10 reasons why seniors are addicted to their Social Security.

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