7 Ways To Budget Your Groceries in Retirement

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  • Decide on a budget – Go back and think about how much you’ve been spending in the past few months on groceries. If you still have the receipts, look at them and ask yourself if there are any groceries you don’t actually need, but got used to shopping anyway. What is a REAL necessity? And are there any foods that you might be buying without eating? Once you have decided on a budget, try placing some cash in an envelope. This way, you’ll have to set the money aside for each week, so you can stick to the budget. Plus, having actual cash in your hand will help you keep track of the true value of groceries, as it’s way easier to buy useless stuff if you’re swiping plastic.
  • Make a list ahead of time – How often are you going to the market? Decide if you still need to go a few times per week, or if you can reduce the visits to once per week. Or maybe you’ll realize you can settle for an even longer period of time. Either way, understand which variant works for you, and it will make your grocery shopping easier.
  • Produce – A general rule of thumb is to follow your list depending on colors. Supposedly, for some people, this trick works fantastically, as it helps them lead a healthier and more balanced diet. The same goes for organic versus conventional. While it’s only natural to want what’s best for you and for your significant other, not ALL products need to be organic!
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