10 Sunny Places to Retire To

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  • Las Cruces, New Mexico – This city’s motto is “Stay Sunny”, so as you can only imagine, Las Cruces has an average of 350 days a year of sunshine. “AARP The Magazine” named Las Cruces “a retirement dream town” many years ago, thanks to its affordability, weather, and recreational resources. If you want a small local tip: on Wednesday and Saturday, everyone gathers around at farmers and crafts market, and on the last Sunday of each month, cyclists, walkers, joggers, and dancers go to Young Park to burn calories in a “ciclovía”.
  • San Luis Obispo, California – San Luis Obispo is set halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles, boasting miles of beaches, rolling vineyards, historic Spanish missions, and numerous dining options. The city was named one of the happiest cities in the world, by author Dan Buettner in “Thrive”, because of its interesting rules: there is a decades-old ban on drive-through restaurants and a public smoking ban.
  • St. George, Utah – If you love walking in an open space, with dry sunny air, St. George will be a perfect choice for you. Not only that, but it also presents a decent menu of arts and culture, where many landscape photographers and visual artists gather to discuss different matters of life and beauty.
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico – Santa Fe has been the center of blending cultures, Native American, Spanish, and American, ever since the town was settled 400 years ago.
  • Bend, Oregon – The economy in Bend is based on recreation and construction, but the cost of living in this region is in the top 10 of the most expensive metros in the U.S.
  • Fort Worth, Texas – Fort Worth is the corporate home of American Airlines and Radio Shack, so it has a strong economy. Also, it’s a place where higher education thrives.
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