12 Best Countries To Live Perfectly Well on Social Security Alone


The friendly climate and more than welcoming people, make Portugal an ideal destination for retirees. But that’s not all. Portugal was named the number 1 place to retire in 2020, according to International Living’s index.

“From north to south, from the Atlantic west to the Spanish east, this country’s gracious people, bustling capital, brilliant sun, tantalizing beaches, and verdant valleys are more appealing than ever to a growing number of people.”

From a cost-of-living perspective, Portugal is very affordable. In fact, it is the second most affordable country in Europe, behind Bulgaria. Eating out for lunch will cost you around 10 dollars per person while the living expenses amount to $2,500 per month. One more reason to make you start packing: Portugal has also been named the third safest country in the world by the 2019 Global Peace Index.

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