10 Most Tax-Friendly States For Retired Taxpayers

4th Best: Wyoming

The downside: The bad news is not really about the taxes but about the fact that Wyoming is one of the least populated states in the country. It might have something to do with the rough climate and rugged terrain…or the expensive healthcare services in the state.

Why it’s still a good place to move: Climate aside, the Equality States has no state income tax, estate tax, or inheritance tax nor does it impose an exorbitant sales tax like many other states do. In fact, the average state and local sales tax rate is just 5.33%, which means retirement savings can go a long way in Wyoming.

Even better news: the property tax is one of the lowest in the United States, at 0.57%, with a median of $575 per $100,000 in assessed home value, according to the Tax Foundation.

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