7 Best Things You Could Do With Your Found Money

Be a little bit generous

The recommendation at number 2 was for you to become a bit more self-centered and selfish, so, it might seem like this advice to be generous is in total contradiction. But there’s a catch. We’re suggesting you open your heart and your wallet to people and causes you care about only (emphasis on this word!) if the donation or charity doesn’t hinder your financial obligations.

Are you a pet lover? Then, there’s your chance to provide financial help to animal rescue associations. Do you want to do more for people who don’t have enough to eat? There are many local food banks where your support will be appreciated. In other words, find a cause that could use a helping hand and use some of your found money to just that. You will not only be helping others, you will also help yourself feel better about your life, feel more satisfied and happier in your career and have a more positive outlook on life in general.

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