Productive Things to Do in Retirement

For a lot of Americans, retirement age can seem daunting due to financial or healthcare-related worries. But modern retirees also worry about all the free time they’ll have on their hands. It’s not easy, leaving your office after decades of hard work. Some need something to occupy their time not only for the extra income but also for a sense of identity. 

What do you want to do during retirement? Most Americans chose to focus on their hobbies but there are plenty of options to chose from. Here are some ideas we put together. Maybe something will spark your interest when the time comes. 

Work as a Consultant

Consultants are generally experts in the field. If you’re ready to stop working your regular job but don’t want to leave that part of your life behind, you can become a consultant instead. If your skills are especially valuable, your company might even hire you from time to time while your replacement settles in. 

You’ll have a flexible schedule but as a downside, it might take some time for you to find clients. 

Part-Time Work

Some companies are finding that, by hiring back retirees part-time or as needed, they get the expertise of longtime workers, while the former full-timers get to keep up professional skills and develop new ones. It’s best to plan this — sometimes called “boomeranging” — before retirement, but it’s never too late to look. RetirementJobs is a database of jobs specifically for people over 50.

If consulting work is a little too flexible and you don’t have the patience to build up a client base, we recommend doing part-time work in your industry instead. Again, your expertise is extremely valuable and you’ll be able to teach a lot of new people everything you know. 

Not only that but you might even get the chance to acquire new skills, continuously learning new things. 

Start a Mastermind Group

No, mastermind groups aren’t at all related to movie villains. Likeminded seniors are encouraged to meet up to share advice and connections, to support each other if they want to start a new business venture. Networking is a key component for entrepreneurs of all ages and forming a community based on your passions and experiences can help boost each other up. 

Forming these meaningful connections will surely add some excitement to your days, not to mention keeping it on your toes. 

Work at a Nonprofit

Working at nonprofits can be very fulfilling. If you’re financially stable and have enough time, why not give back to the community? Find something that you’re passionate about and ask how you can help. Your time will be valuable and the skills you’re able to offer will mean the world to these organizations. 

Work in a School

You don’t need a teaching degree to apply for an opportunity in a school. You can tutor or become a teacher’s assistant if you have a passion for teaching. If you’d rather not spend your time in the classroom what about cross guarding? Working towards the safety of children will definitely be fulfilling. 

Become a Tour Guide

In some states, in order to become a licensed tour guide, you have to pass a background check and prove your city knowledge. Any outgoing senior with enough determination can start this line of work, especially if you want to keep active and have the personality for it. 

And you don’t have to live in a big city to do it either. People generally want to learn about history and entertainment so you can offer guides for virtually every place in America!

Combine Work and Travel

If you’re willing to do low-level work at or near lodges, retreats, ranches or any other place worth visiting, you might give want to give work and travel a try. A lot of places will offer room and board to a variety of workers, from cooks to cashiers and even housekeepers. It’s a good way to earn some money while visiting spectacular locations. 

Work at a Hobby

With a lot more time on your hands, you can finally return to your hobbies. If up until retirement you couldn’t have earned a substantial income from your passion, now’s a good time to monetize them. 

Anything can turn into a stable, profit turning gig. If you’re into crafts, consider selling your art, for example. But it doesn’t stop there. You could take care of gardens or work with animals too. You just need the motivation to try. 

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