Things You Should Do to Save Money

If it seems like the world is getting more expensive, that’s because it is. The cost of consumer goods is rising, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That doesn’t mean you have to give up on fun times just yet, however. There are still ways to live well in a higher-priced world. By using these strategies, you can keep more of your paycheck for yourself.

Buy Off-Season

Just because something is really expensive right now, that doesn’t mean it will be in three months.

“Timing is everything when it comes to shopping,” said Jon Lal, founder and CEO of online coupon and cash-back website BeFrugal. “Time your purchases with the seasonality and popularity of items, and get it in the off-season or when stores have too much inventory.”

Listen To More Music

Listening to music can actually make you happier, according to research from the University of Missouri. Fortunately, you don’t need to buy a bunch of new tunes.

Instead, check out affordable music services like Spotify, where you can listen to tons of amazing music for free. Or, if you don’t want ads interrupting your happiness, a premium membership is just $9.99 a month.

Maintain Your Stuff

A bike with rusted gears and a flat tire is not a bike — it’s a space-waster. And a car that never gets its oil changed is a major credit card expense waiting to happen. Remember, a little prevention can save you a major headache — and potentially reduce big expenses down the road.

Learn To Say ‘No’

Your time is valuable, so learn to say “no” to time-wasters. That’s advice Bill Gates said he got from Warren Buffett, who has the great habit of not letting his calendar fill up with useless meetings. If the meetings are mandatory, try other ways to feel more energized at work.

Find a Hobby

Whether it’s collecting stamps, taking photos or flying model planes, a hobby could make you happier.

Although the science isn’t definitive, there are studies that show hobbies can improve cognitive ability. Better yet, there are plenty of hobbies that don’t require a lot of money, like running or learning a new language.

Get Enough Sleep

Studies show that regularly sleeping less than seven hours per night correlates with higher blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and depression. None of these are synonymous with living well, and all sound like issues that could cost you in the form of healthcare bills.

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