19 Unsuspected Obstacles That Prevent You From Having a Worry-Free Retirement

Stagnating in your career development

If your career is stuck in a rut or your job does not come with any career growth opportunities, you might never be able to earn more and build your nest egg without making major sacrifices. If your job is not satisfying, financially and on a personal level, it’s ok to find a company with more career opportunities than the one you’re currently employed at.

Your goal should be to earn enough money to live a comfortable life now and in retirement, so don’t let anything stop you from achieving it, not even a career change.

Changing jobs too much

On the other hand, it’s also not ok to change jobs like socks and constantly feel underpaid and with no career prospects. Job hopping can have negative results. It can show others that you cannot adapt easily and work long enough for an employer to give you a promotion or retirement benefits. This will only make it worse for your retirement goals.

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