9 People Who Fulfilled Their Lifetime Dreams During Retirement

Photo by Diego Cervo from Shutterstock
  • Disco Sally: The retired lawyer and disco queen of NYC nightlife – Haven’t you heard about Sally Lippmann? She was a retired lawyer who gained fame by becoming the “Disco Sally” from her dance moves on the dance floor of New York City’s Studio 54.
  • Retired insurance executive turned BBQ master – Johnny Trigg retired from a successful career as an insurance executive, becoming a traveling barbeque master. Three years after he retired, he took his talents in BBQ out of Texas and on the road, where he earned prize money. Ever since then, he became famous, being the first person to win first place at Jack Daniel’s World Championship BBQ Invitational.
  • Retired Mathematician’s hand-built castle – Hold tight for this one.. this retired mathematician built his own castle completely with his own hands. A badass grandpa built a stone castle by digging up stones from another property, mixing the mortar by hand, and setting it all into place, piece by piece. With a little help from his wife, the mini-castle needed only five years to be built.
  • A retired aerospace engineer lives life as a rockstar – John Hetlinger is by far the coolest heavy-metal grandpa. He was an 82-year-old retired aerospace engineer that made it to the “Judge Cuts” round on Season 11 of “America’s Got Talent”.
  • Retired civil engineer creates artificial glaciers to aid Ladakh – A retired civil engineer used his work experience to help the people of Ladakh, India, with their water needs. Chewang Norphel, at 79 years old, was also called “Ice Man of India”. He found a way to resolve the Ladakh’s troubles through artificial glaciers. Ever since then, agricultural production has increased and many residents no longer felt the need to move to another city.
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