22 Ways to Live a Comfortable Retirement on Social Security Alone

Reduce entertainment costs

When we’ll finally be able to enjoy our leisure time without having to worry that the coronavirus is lurking nearby, make the most of entertainment senior discounts. You’ll not only get to spend some quality time doing something you like but you’ll also do it at a much lower price. Impressive discounts are also offered to AARP members by Ticketmaster. Why pay for two tickets when you can only pay for one? Especially when some say tickets are among these 7 Things That Will Cost Much More After Coronavirus.

Cut utility costs

Apart from cheaper tickets, another perk of growing older is that some utility companies in various cities and states provide certain discounts for seniors. For example, in Georgia, senior citizens benefit from gas and electricity discounts. Seattle, on the other hand, provides customers who qualify for discounts, a 60 percent discount on their Seattle City Light bill and a 50% discount on their Seattle Public Utilities bill. That can definitely help you out when you’re relying solely on your Social Security!

If you want to benefit from such programs, all you have to do is ask your utility provider for senior discounts. And while you’re searching for ways to reduce your utility costs, check out these 20 Surprising Ways to Cut Costs On Every Aspect of Your Home.

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